Tuesday, 23 March 2010

1. Run 5 different marathons

How can someone not enjoy running? Look at the sheer joy on a toddlers face as they break into a staggering trot and you'll realise its our natural state! I was introduced to cross-country at boarding school, (my theory is that they forced us do it to surpress our libidos - running and bromide). Older kids were suspended with monotonous regularity for following their natural urges, so maybe they weren't such great surpressants.
When I left school I stopped running and went on long walks instead; I walked the Cornish coastline when I was 19.
In my early 20s I moved to Hong Kong - I had a mind-numbingly boring clerical job with the Royal Hong Kong Police and discovered that you got time off work for sports. Every other Wednesday Police/Joint Services Orienteering events were held - armed with a compass, map and whistle you dashed around the country side trying to locate check points. It was always hot and humid, and it was normal to end up shredded to ribbons because you invariably got lost and spent hours scrambling through thick undergrowth - the parties afterwards were great though! From there I started entering cross country events and discovered the more I ran the better I got, the more time I got off work for training - I once even set a course record for a 12km Road Race!

I took a break from running to have babies and when my youngest was a year old I took it up again. For the next 8 years I ran most days, but never competively again, then when we left Hong Kong to live in Cape Town I stopped running and climbed Table Mountain, with our dogs, instead.
We came to the UK in 1998 and moved to a small village in rural Surrey, the dogs had come with us, (a border collie and a Rhodesian ridgeback)they both needed huge amounts of regular exercise so I took up cross country running again and between the 3 of us we covered miles and miles!
In 2009 I started writing to an old school friend who said something about making sure you fulfilled all of your ambitions blah blah...I was watching the London Marathon on TV that morning and it just clicked - I had always wanted to run a marathon and now I had time on my hands to train. I looked up marathons in the UK and there it was - The Loch Ness Marathon 4th October, plenty of time to train! I signed up and on the 28th April I had an e-mail confirming that I had been allocated a place.....


  1. running out of joy or exuberance is one thing, jogging or running for miles for the sole purpose of running is something else entirely and I just don't get it.

  2. Its all about the buzz Ellen!

    I really need to find something that gives me the buzz but requires less energy ...