Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Things To Do Before My Children Have Me Committed

One of the blogs I follow is that of a young man who has compiled a list of 100 things to do before he Jumps the Hedge - my list is much shorter (less time available) and more modest but here are things I hope to achieve before my children decide to have me committed...I intend to record these achievements under this blog.

1. Run 5 different marathons: This used to be run a marathon but last year, when I sat down and gave this list some serious thought I signed up for my first marathon - 4th October 2009 I ran the Loch Ness Marathon and now I'm hooked.
Loch Ness - 4th October 2009 (5 hours 20 minutes)
Brighton - 18th April 2010 (4 hours 45 minutes)

2. Complete the Three Peaks: I don't think I could do this in the "Challenge" time of 24 hours but I would like to be able to say that I have climbed these mountains, when I lived in Cape Town I climbed Table Mountain every day - walking my dogs - and I really did enjoy that.
3. Watch Wales play at the Millenium Stadium: Self-explanatory.
13th August 2011 Wales vs England 19 - 9.
4. Re-enact this advert:
Margate - 22nd January 2011
5. Learn how to make Baked Alaska: This sounds a little dull and I'm not even sure how fashionable a Baked Alaska is as a dessert now-a-days but I STILL love it .
6. Walk or Run Hadrians Wall: This is a relatively new ambition but the more I read about it the keener I am to do it.
7. Walk from Lands End to John O'Groats: In 1977 I walked the coastline of Cornwall and this walk has been an ambition of mine since then.
8. Hand quilt a Quilt: Not the most exciting thing in the world but I would have such a tremendous sense of achievement completing one.
9. Learn how to Belly Dance: This was first said as a joke, when I walked past a place giving classes, but the more I think about it the more fun it seems.
10. Read every Booker Prize Winner: Time to educate myself!
Staying On - Paul Scott (Oct 2011)
Hotel Du lac - Anita Brookner (Dec 2011)


  1. I thought I would reply here, as it seems most suitable.. I hope you have email alerts so you can read it!!

    Thats awesome that you found someone for #4!! I have absolutely no idea how you managed to find someone!! Which beach have you decided on?

    I will be thinking about you, and maybe even try and run a couple of miles, in some sort of long-range-mental-support. Good luck!!

  2. As we live in the South East we decided to choose a beach down here. Margate (which is abit of a naff place) has a spectacular beach Botany Bay. We toyed with the Sussex coast but most of the beaches there are shingle and the idea of wearing wellies to frollic ruled that out!
    I follow a blog of a guy who runs Ultra Martahons (44 miles) and Brighton will seem a walk in the park after what he put himself through last Sunday - having said that I am nervous as hell at the moment, the adrenalin is already pumping. Will post on Monday!

  3. Mme B, Do read 'Bellydancing for Beginners' by Liz Byrski. You would enjoy it. It is novel about women of a certain age learning bellydancing, and redefining their lives. It is situated in Western Australia and I'm sure you'd love it.